The e-AWB process

Both parties -- Forwarder and SIA Cargo (SQ) must sign an e-AWB Agreement prior to implementing the e-AWB.

Forwarder makes reservations with SQ and indicates either EAP or EAW in the Special Handling Code (SHC) field in the booking request (FFR) message to SQ.

Forwarder sends the FWB message to SQ prior to tendering the shipment.

Forwarder checks for Acknowledgement “FMA” or Reject “FNA” messages from SQ. If the FNA message is received, Forwarder needs to correct the FWB and re-send the message to SQ.

If FMA message is received, Forwarder may proceed to tender their shipment to SQ.

If there is no weight discrepancy at cargo acceptance, SQ accepts the shipment as “Ready for Carriage” and send the FSU/RCS message to the Forwarder.

If there is weight discrepancy, SQ will continue to accept the shipment but will send a “Freight on Hand” or FSU/FOH message to the Forwarder. On receipt of this message, Forwarder is to re-send the FWB with the corrected weight. The FSU/RCS message shall only be sent to the Forwarder if the FWB is finally accepted by SQ.

As proof of contract, Forwarder may retrieve the cargo receipt of the shipment via CCNhub at