Terms And Conditions

Swiftrider® - Uplift as Booked Guarantee

The uplift guarantee covers only the airport-to-airport leg of transportation (i.e. from cargo acceptance at the uplift station until cargo collection at the discharge station).

The uplift guarantee applies to confirmed bookings only after the cargo is accepted at the airport warehouse at the station of uplift.

The guarantee does not apply if the offloading or non-uplift is a result of offloading, delays or misconnection arising from late incoming aircraft, mechanical or technical faults. The guarantee also does not apply if non-uplift is a result of factors beyond SIA Cargo’s control (including, but not limited to, acts of God, riots, strikes, war, local disputes, payload restrictions, weather conditions, third party disruptions and defaults or omissions made by the forwarder, consignee or agent).

The guarantee does not apply to missing, lost or damaged cargo, the claims of which will be subjected to the Montreal Convention or Warsaw Convention and / or SIA and SIA Cargo's General Conditions of Carriage for Cargo. Local conditions may apply. For more information, please contact your nearest SIA Cargo office.