Quality and reliable delivery solutions

Enjoy high quality and reliable Airmail solutions when you choose to deliver with Singapore Airlines Cargo.

Extensive Network Coverage
Our extensive network coverage brings your airmail to over 100 cities globally. Check out our network here.

Stringent Handling Standards and dedicated mail handling facility
Enjoy reliable shipping with us as our well-trained professionals ensure that your shipment is well taken care of, even while in transit, at our dedicated mail handling facility in Singapore.

Postal Organisation Partnerships
Our close partnerships with postal organisations ensure timely delivery of your shipment, so that you can entrust your airmail needs to us with ease.

Be Updated with EDI Messaging
Our digital capabilities allows for exchange of Airmail information according to various industry standards (IATA, UPU, IPC) between the Airline, Postal as well as our ground handling partners to ensure your Airmail is being tracked at every point of its journey.

Kindly note that we do not uplift the following under Airmail:
Dangerous Goods

For more information, please contact your local SIA Cargo office.

  • Key Features

  • Dedicated mail handling facilities
  • Stringent handling standards
  • Availability of status updates
  • Timely uplift