Live Animals

Professional and reliable animal transportation

Transport your live animals with Singapore Airlines Cargo safely and quickly, to your selected destination. With main deck and lower deck capacity, SIA Cargo transports live animals of different species and sizes, be it racehorses, livestock, household pets or live tropical fish.

Professional Handling

Complying with the IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR), our experienced staff at SIA Cargo ensure the welfare and safety of the animals are well taken care of.

Optimised Environment

SIA Cargo provides regulated cabin pressure and temperature in the aircraft, ensuring a comfortable environment during the animal’s flight journey.


Kindly note that we do not uplift the following:

  • Birds (except those shipped from one government zoo to another)
  • Live pigs on all passenger aircraft
  • Primates intended for research purposes
  • Greyhounds for racing

For more information, please refer to SQ Operator Variations in the IATA LAR or contact your local SIA Cargo office to connect with our appointed partners to facilitate this.

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